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Complete Claims Processing Inc. solves your reimbursement challenges, allowing the dispensing physician to focus on patient care and other vital areas of the medical practice. Complete Claims Processing Inc. will help improve your business flow by providing access to comprehensive data and analytics, allowing you to achieve strategic and insightful solutions.

Data Collection and Availability - Every paper document received by CCPI is scanned in-house into a HIPAA and HITECH compliant secure database, and all documents are available for review by clients and CCPI staff upon request. Complete Claims Processing Inc. will provide every physician client with access to detailed reporting upon request. The types of reports offered by CCPI are:

  • The Claims Status Detail Report
  • The Settlement Report
  • The Aging Report

The information provided by these detailed reports can help the dispensing physician manage their cash flow more efficiently as well as determine the average time it takes to collect on certain types of claims.

Managed Practice Solutions - Complete Claims Processing Inc.’s primary mission is to improve the rate and quantity of third party payer reimbursements for the dispensing physician. The team at CCPI will help your medical practice:

  • Manage cash flow
  • Evaluate profitability of payer contracts
  • Streamline the profitability of the formulary
  • Recover aged accounts receivable claims
  • Directly bill Pharmacy Benefits Managers
  • Keep up to date with coding compliance
  • Stay informed of financial or strategic data that would help you improve practice performance
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Data Collection and Availability


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