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One of the most complex -- yet critically important -- tasks facing members of the medical profession today is patient billing. Compliance with constantly changing governmental regulations and revisions in coding procedures can be overwhelming. It has been clearly demonstrated that how well a medical practice handles its patient billing has a significant effect, not only on short-term cash flow, but on long-term success of the practice. The CCPI team strives to simplify the billing process for dispensed pharmaceuticals by offering the following services:

  • Paper and Electronic Billing Services
  • Direct Billing of PBM’s, Private Insurance, and Medicare
  • Patient Statement Billing and Past Due Recovery
  • Follow Through on Residual Claims
  • Increased Overall Cash Flow
  • Competitive Rates
  • Increased speed of reimbursement
  • Personalized Service
  • Access to Specialized Formulary Experts
  • Billing specialists for branded drugs, generic drugs, and specialty products
  • Specialized Billing of pharmaceutical products for the dispensing physician
  • Keep up to date with Coding compliance
  • HIPAA and HITECH regulatory updates

Professional Billing and Claims Specialists - The CCPI team navigates the intricacies of the insurance industry and monitors practice regulations so that all of our physician clients are made aware of changes in reimbursement patterns. Our billing and claims experts are professional, respectful, and very dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. The CCPI team is willing and able to tackle the most complicated claims. They are ready to help the dispensing physician maintain the private practice of medicine by providing consistent cash flow to your practice.

Electronic Claims Submission - Complete Claims Processing submits your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, all commercial carriers or Workers Compensation. Once CCPI receives your claim, specialists check the data for errors, make any corrections necessary, and submit the claim. This streamlined process helps your practice appropriately optimize insurance reimbursements while safeguarding cash flow against any disruptions.

Specialized Claims Lifecycle Management - CCPI will aggressively manage all claims submitted. Billing specialists will promptly follow up on any denied claim and initiate reprocessing. CCPI has developed a multilevel reporting process that tracks the progress of a claim as it travels through the submission and adjudication process. The information collected through this multilevel process provides our claims specialists with the ability to optimize the reimbursement on every submitted claim.

Rapid Denial Notification - Rapid Denial Notification allows the specialists at CCPI to diagnose possible discrepancies and resolve them quickly to ensure reimbursement. The CCPI team is trained to pursue all secondary and tertiary carrier claims, as well as follow up on every disputed claim. The collection experts at CCPI will fight for every disputed claim to achieve optimal reimbursements, so that the dispensing physician can provide the best possible patient care.

Improve your Practice - At CCPI we know that providing your patients with quality care and access to improved patient services is your primary goal. The billing and collection services provided by CCPI will help manage your practice and provide a solid foundation for dispensing physicians to build a lasting and successful practice. The billing and claims experts at CCPI are ready to work hard for you, your practice, and your patients.

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Maximizing the Profit Potential of Your Practice


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