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Complete Claims Processing Inc. is a specialized billing company focusing on meeting the billing needs of dispensing physicians. CCPI has a team of dedicated employees with a combined 80 years of billing experience. CCPI is a multifaceted company featuring a Billing department, Collections department, Contracting department, and Document Management department.

CCPI billing specialists have extensive experience with Workers Compensation and Private Insurance claims. The collections department features team members who specialize in litigation support, expert testimony, provider education, and applicant attorney support.

The Contracting department has been formulated to bridge the gap between dispensing physicians and 3rd party payers. The team in the Contracting department will streamline the Pharmacy Benefits Management enrollment process for each physician client and enable dispensing physicians to collect the appropriate reimbursement of each submitted claim.

The Document Management department at Complete Claims Processing Inc. processes all faxed, mailed and electronically submitted Qualified Electronic Health Records so that all patient information is electronically stored on a HIPAA and HITECH compliant secure database. The scanning team inputs thousands of patient records each day, ensuring that the billing and claims experts have immediate access to EOB’s, prescription records, PR2’s and other relevant documents that can aid the process of appropriate reimbursement.


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