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Striving to Provide the Most Comprehensive Physician Dispensing Billing Solutions to Our Clients.

We strive to provide the most effective, service-intensive, results-oriented physician dispensing billing available anywhere. Our focus at CCPI is on assuring the financial success of the dispensing physician to maintain the private practice of medicine. The goal of CCPI is to anticipate and meet the challenges associated with billing and reimbursement, and make sure that the Point of Care Dispensing Physician collects appropriately on submitted claims.

Complete Claims Processing Incorporated is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive billing and collection service that will optimize practice performance and ensure long-term financial success. Our goal at CCPI is to streamline the process of billing and collections for the dispensing physician to optimize the rate of reimbursements.

CCPI submits your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, workers compensation and all commercial carriers. Once we receive your data, our billing specialists checks for errors, makes corrections if necessary, and submits the claim

CCPI maximizes your revenue stream with aggressive, effective appeals of denied claims. At CCPI once a claim is submitted we will know within seconds if it will be accepted or denied. Rapid Denial Notification allows the specialists at CCPI to diagnose possible discrepancies and resolve them to ensure rapid reimbursement.


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